Online Vitals

In need of certified birth certificates, death certificates or marriage certificates from Cumberland County?  Just click the link below to obtain these certified documents and follow the instructions.  Again this service is ONLY for births, deaths that occurred in Cumberland County and for a marriage license that was ISSUED in Cumberland County. Fee for Online Vitals is $14.50.  PLEASE SUBMIT FRONT & BACK OF VALID ID, and proof of relationship.

North Carolina Vital Records

If a birth, death, or marriage occurred in North Carolina, but not Cumberland County you may contact the county in which it occurred or you may contact the state of North Carolina Vital Records Unit.  N.C. Vital Records registers all births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages and divorces that occur within the state.  Their process involves a statewide system of vital events that have been registered.  You may request a certified or uncertified copy from Raleigh, however, their fees and time frame vary from the local Register of Deeds offices.  To contact North Carolina Vital Records, you may click here.

Foreign Country Vitals

In order for a United States citizen to obtain a copy of a record in a foreign country, please contact Dept of State, Passport Vital Records Section, 1150 Passport Service Place, 6th Floor, Dulles, VA  20189  (202) 485-8300.