(UCC) Uniform Commercial Code

A UCC is a security agreement on personal property that is recorded to protect the lender’s, or secured party’s, investment.  In a security agreement, a loan of money is secured by personal property as collateral, thereby giving the lender rights in the property.

Revised Article 9 of General Statute 25, has been amended to reflect the following important changes, effective July 1,2001:

Fixture Filings are recorded at the county level. There is no longer a separate index for UCCS; they are indexed in the Real Estate index only.  Existing UCC files on record were maintained until June 30, 2008.   The office of the Cumberland County Register of Deeds shredded and destroyed all financing statements previously maintained in the local office for all Article 9 records, pursuant to N.C.G.S. 25-9-710(c) and (e).

All other UCC filings are recorded with the office of the Secretary of State.

National UCC forms are available at the Secretary of State’s website.

UCC Fees

UCC-1 and UCC-3 Amendment

$ 38.001-2 pages
$45.003-10 pages
$2.00Each additional over 10 pages