Recording Requirements

In order to record a document in the office of the Register of Deeds, the document will need to be prepared, executed, and notarized prior to recording.  Our office is strictly prohibited by NC General Statutes from giving legal advice or preparing deeds or other documents.  You may seek the advice of an attorney for any legal questions and preparation of documents. 

Before a deed or deed of trust prepared in North Carolina may be recorded it must reflect the name of the draftsman on the first page.  In addition to the “Prepared by” or “Drawn by,” the first page should also contain a “Return to” name and address.  The excise or revenue must also be reflected on the front of a deed.  The calculation of excise tax is $2.00 per $1,000.00 or a fractional part thereof of the purchase price or value of the property if a trade is negotiated.  Excise must be included with the filing fee.  Please click here for recording fees.

Other recording requirements include paper size, margins, font size, pages and the type of instrument.  UCC and Satisfaction recordings are exempt from these requirements. Click here for information regarding recording standards for all documents.