Requirements for Name Change for a Notary Public


N.C.G.S.  10a-13(b).  Within 30 days after changing names, a notary shall notify the Secretary of State of the change by submitting a name change form.  The Secretary of State shall cancel the notary’s commission under the old name, issue a commission under the new name, direct the notary to reappear before the Register of Deeds to take the oath of office, and direct the Register of Deeds to correct The Record of Notaries Public.

The change is made for the duration of the existing term of your commission. (Expiration date will not change.)

Upon receiving confirmation of approval of the name change from the Secretary of State Notary Division, the notary must reappear before the Register of Deeds to take the oath of office and sign the record of notaries public.  The fee for the oath at the Register of Deeds is $10.00.

NOTE:  A new stamp or seal must be obtained to match the name of the commission/certificate.


If the county changes due to the address change, the notary may continue to use the seal or stamp for the previous county of commission and at the time of expiration, reapply for the correct county.

Mail application to:

Notary Public Section
Department of the Secretary of State
PO Box 29622
Raleigh, NC 27626-0622