UCC-3: Financing Statement Amendment

An amendment includes a Continuation, Assignment, Amendment, Termination and Release.

  1. All financing statement Amendments must identify the initial file number (including the year) of the financing statement to which it relates.
  2. All financing statement Amendments must identify the financing statement for which effectiveness has lapsed when applicable.
  3. Continuations must be filed within the six month window prior to lapse.
  4. Assignments must provide a name and a mailing address for the assignee.
  5. Amendments must indicate whether the new Debtor is an individual or an organization.
    a. If identified as an individual, last name of Debtor must be provided.
    b. If identified as an organization, the following information is required:
        Type of organization
        Jurisdiction of organization
        Organization ID number or indication the Debtor has none
  6. Amendments must also provide a name and mailing address for the new secured party.