Plats and Condos

Effective April 1, 2021
Our office will only accept mylar plats for recording
paper printed plats will no longer be accepted

Plats are a part of the records in the office of the Register of Deeds related to real property. They usually refer to a map showing a subdivision or a tract or tracts of land divided into two or more parts and are prepared by a registered land surveyor. Requirements for recording include size-either 18 X 24 inches or 24 X 36 inches in size, a 1.5 inch border must be on the left side in landscape format and on the top side for portrait format (still minimum half inch on the other three sides), and a certification stamp from the appropriate review officer if applicable.

If a plat is not recorded free-standing and is attached to a document for illustration purposes, it must contain the following language as required by N.C.G.S. 47-30(n):

“This map may not be a certified survey and has not been reviewed by a local government agency for compliance with any applicable land development regulations and has not been reviewed for compliance with recording requirements for plats.”

Fees required for recording are $21.00 per page.
Copies, depending upon size and reproducible quality range from $1.00-$4.00.
Click here for Land Records Fee Schedule.

Condominium plans are types of maps that differ from typical plats because they will always have several sheets of plans, mostly of buildings rather than land and are prepared by an architect or engineer.  They are regulated by all aspects of condo developments.  The requirements for recording condos are the same as for recording plats.  Recording fees are the same as well, with $21.00 charged for each page of the condo.

Plats and Condos on file may be viewed by clicking onto Search records and Image System Only. Click here.